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"SATORI" is a word from the Zen culture. It describes a connection with plentiful and beauty, a state of sensations to awaken consciousness.

Café Satori has its origin in the farm called el Mirador in the Municipality of Arbeláez Cundinamarca, Colombia. Harvesting the best coffee with strict agronomic and environmental management, under shade with native trees of the region.

Jaime Gutiérrez, Manager of the Farm and his uncle Francisco Muñoz, owner of Granja el Mirador, Promotora las Monitas SAS, have believed and dreamed of a sustainable coffee project, where Jaime Gutiérrez took over management in 2005, finishing his career in Administration And between the two have been dedicated to create, develop, and promote a business model that relates to the whole process related to coffee cultivation and its final processing, such as threshing, roasting and packaging, decreasing the intermediaries and thus eliminating the risk of contamination of the product.

The farm el Mirador has state-of- the-art facilities and equipment, guaranteeing a product in optimal conditions for the satisfaction of the final customer, also has a laboratory for quality control allowing customers to analyze all the physicochemical aspects and taste the coffee directly on the site, thus consolidating direct negotiations, Producer - Client.

The farm el Mirador has Rainforest Alliance and 4C certifications; Thus indicating that the entire field process is carried out with adequate and sustainable management. For the year 2015, this Coffee is given a recognition and award for being the best cup of the regional Sumapaz Oriente, in the "First Departmental Competition of High Quality Coffee", in 2016 Jaime Alberto Gutiérrez Muñoz as "HEROE" of the coffee crop 2016 "for being an example of productivity and profitability in the coffee company awarded at the National Coffee Congress 2016 by the National Coffee Growers Federation of Colombia.

Café Satori is proud to be an example for many, for their outstanding business model and the work they do to improve the social welfare of the entire peasant community, unconditionally supporting the school of San Miguel. This has made them worthy of a note in the Caracol Noticiero (Caracol. A news channel) "People that puts the soul" in the month of October of 2016.

Café Satori is a 100% Colombian product, work of peasants and an Antioqueña family with a great love for coffee and social welfare.

Promotora Las Monitas SAS is a business oriented to the Production and Marketing of Specialty Coffee. We take pride in our business model where we aim at the conservation of natural resources, integrated crop management and social and labor welfare.

For the year 2020, Promotora Las Monitas S.A.S will be recognized as a leader in the production and marketing of Colombian Special Coffee.


  • • Transparency, Honesty, and Loyalty in Financial Resource Management
  • • Responsibility to Social, Economic and Human Development
  • • Passion for success
  • • Creativity
  • • Teamwork
  • • Respect for ethical and moral framework of our human talent
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