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Our Story

"Satori" came to us the same way the Japanese term is described: in an abrupt awakening, an indescribable breakthrough, a sudden sense of enlightenment. That's how we see our coffee—as more than just a pastime between friends, an escape from normalcy, and a bid to outrun time.

Coffee draws people to return to themselves. The small moments they allot to clean their pots, make their grind, brew their coffee—those are the rare moments wherein they can find clarity.

If you ask us, why Satori Coffee? The answer is clear and simple. We want to be part of those rare moments...of people's stories.

Our Vision

To build a community that aims to inspire and empower others one sip at a time.

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Our Mission

At Satori Coffee, we offer locally sourced coffee that awakens, enlightens, and inspires people’s brilliant ideas to start brewing.