Satori Coffee Brewing Guide

Satori Coffee Brewing Guide

This is a one-page brewing guide for anyone who wants to learn and hone their skills in making great tasting coffee.

Recommended Grind Size Chart

The top part of the guide consists of the recommended grind sizes for each brewing equipment. This enables you to work with any equipment at home using the right grind size.


Satori Brew Wheel

The second half of the guide consists of the Satori Brew Wheel. It's a great tool to help you find out what to adjust while you brew your coffee.

The instructions are simple. Find the words that best describe your brew. The general words to describe coffee are found on the outermost part of the circle (Strong, Weak, Sour, Bitter, etc.).

For coffee connoisseurs, we have more nuanced taste descriptions found on the inner part of the circle.

If you found your words near the center of the guide, then you're already in the right spot for great tasting coffee.

Once you've found the word that best describes your brew, take note of the coffee extraction and coffee ratio found on the right side of the guide—denoted as OE, UE, HCR, and LCR. Use this as a guide when adjusting your brew.

Brewing Results Recommendation
Over Extracted (OE) Reduce extraction by using a coarser grind and/or using a shorter brew time
Under Extracted (UE) Improve extraction by using a finer grind and/or using a longer brew time
High Coffee Ratio (HCR) Reduce coffee ratio by decreasing the amount of increasing water volume
Low Coffee Ratio (LCR) Increase coffee ratio by increasing the amount of coffee or decreasing water volume



Getting the Perfect Brew

For coffee enthusiasts who want to get that perfect tasting brew, you can use the Satori Brew Wheel to make minor adjustments to your coffee until you get the taste you're looking for.

For instance, you ended up with coffee that has "Fruity" notes, but you're looking for that "Smooth" coffee profile. Since the word "Smooth" is found on the "Sour" side of the wheel, you'll need to make your next brew a bit under-extracted (UE) and increase the coffee ratio (HCR).

Hope this helps! Download the Satori Coffee Brewing Guide here.